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Firemen visit residents, checking smoke detectors

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Candy Golden was still visibly emotional when firefighters visited her home Monday morning.

The family that died lived just doors down the street on Severson.

"That is family. This whole block, we family."

Memphis Firefighters were there to check Golden's smoke detector.

Firefighters went door to door in the South Memphis neighborhood.

"Mine has batteries and it was working but it was kind of weak, so they replaced the batteries in it," said Golden.

It's an all out blitz to install smoke detectors for free, and test those already in use to ensure they were working.

Lieutenant Wayne Cooke saud it's standard protocol after an incident like the fire that killed nine Monday morning.

"We make sure there's at least one in every residence, but we recommend that the residents have one in every sleeping area."

And on every floor in homes with multiple levels.

Lt. Cooke said the exact placement of alarms is also critical.

" We want to make sure that they're installed in the correct locations near the ceiling area," he said.

He also said don't put detectors too close to the kitchen, and never remove the batteries because it's going off too much when you cook.

Batteries should be replaced twice a year and you should test your alarm every month.

"Smoke detectors will alert you and give you sufficient time to exit that structure."

Firefighters took notes at each home they visited.

That information gets logged for later use if needed.

Neighbor Jerry Brack was glad to see firefighters making the rounds.

"I think this is a good thing. It's a reminder, a gentle reminder and of course, all this, it is some prevention."

Call the fire station in your area to get a free smoke detector installed or call the Fire Museum at (901) 636-5650.