No safety issues reported at the Southern Heritage Classic

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Saturday was not the police department's first rodeo.

"People are out here just having fun. No trouble."

Officers handle the large crowds at the Southern Heritage Classic every year.

"The police they here. You may not see them but they are here."

The beefed-up police presence was noticeable from the Blue CRUSH trucks to cameras and cops in the sky.

Police said they had more than enough officers working on Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

"You see ain't no shooting yet ain't I. Ain't no fights broke out yet ain't I. Alright then."

MPD has staff all over town, and the Downtown Memphis Commission said they are focused on safety on Beale Street.

"Makes me feel great, feel wonderful and everybody feels so much safer and it always feels good to see all of the extra security around."

The Beale Street Bucks program was designed to help control large crowds downtown -- especially on busy nights.

People have to pay $10 to get onto the street, but they get seven bucks back to spend at businesses.

Those who bought tickets to the football game can use their stubs to get onto the street for free.

Police said they have not had any major issues with the event in the past years and did not expect to run into any safety problems on Saturday.