Two Shelby County Schools recognized among the Healthiest Schools in America

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Two Memphis schools are getting some big recognition for their focus on health.

Charjean Elementary and Northwest Prep Academy are leading the way.

At a time when P.E. time is being cut, students at Charjean have it structured in their day.

They are outside running, competing and learning.

It continues into the classroom with monthly guests who come in with hands on lessons.

"The best part I like about learning is we get to learn about the inside of our body," said 10-year-old Carlease Oliver.

Barry Bridger, Carjean's P.E. teacher, is part of the team at the school, making sure students learn and live healthy at a time when childhood obesity is forefront.

"Studies show kids with healthier bodies learn a lot more. We try to include that in our school," said Bridger.

Those efforts have landed Charjean its second Bronze Award for being one of the 328 Healthiest Schools in America from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

It recognizes schools that serve healthier meals, get kids moving and empowers school leaders to be healthy role models.

"We come together once a month to come up with ideas and ways we can encourage kids to do a lot better, eat a lot healthier, be more active," said Bridger.

Even the teachers get involved with after school walks, Zumba and yoga classes.

It's about setting examples and from the sound of it, these kids are following it.

"I need to learn this because let's say when you are old, you didn't do nothing; you'll say 'Why didn't I pay attention' because you will be all sick and you will be injured," said 10-year-old Frisli Hernandez.

Northwest Prep Academy is also recognized as a Healthy School.

We are told there is no money connected to the award, but school leaders will get a trip to the award ceremonies in Atlanta.