Student suspended after pointing gun at boy’s head on the bus


MOBILE COUNTY, Al. — A student in Mobile County, Alabama was arrested after he allegedly put a gun to the back of another student’s head while on the school bus.

It happened on Tuesday, WALA said.

Investigators told the news station two sixth graders- a brother and a sister- took the gun from their grandfather.

It wasn’t until the ride home that the student pulled the unloaded gun out.

“He felt something touch the back of his head, and he thought it was scissors to cut his hair. Come to find out it was a revolver to the back of his head,” said mother, Ashley Edmond.

“He was terrified – shaking and screaming at me saying ‘I will never get back on the bus again! I will never get back on the bus’ like he was terrified and in shock,” she added. “My 11-year-old had a gun to his head and what if there would’ve been bullets in it?”

The gun was then passed around the school bus.

To make matters worse, the child kept spinning the chamber and pulling the trigger.

The two students who brought the gun to school have been suspended and could very well be expelled.

The students who were playing with the gun on the bus could also be facing disciplinary action.