SCSO: Manhunt suspect was wanted in connection to Cordova murder

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A man wanted in connection to a Cordova homicide is now dead.

West Memphis police killed Ricardo Tenorio, 32, in a shootout early Friday morning.

Officers said they got a tip Tenorio was at a Days Inn motel in West Memphis after an hours-long manhunt.

But, he was shot and killed before they were able to question him about his possible role in a homicide investigation in Shelby County.

"It was shocking," said neighbor Jeremy Halliburton. "I didn't expect it. I just knew it was something very bad."

Neighbors still can't believe 33-year-old "Rocky" Regenold was killed on Mikayla Lane.

They described him as someone who was quiet and friendly.

"To find out that someone has been shot in the head right in your own neighborhood, I mean three, four houses down from where you live. I just thought, 'My God,'" said neighbor Loraine Leuschke.

According to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, Regenold was found by his father, shot to death in bed.

They first thought it was a suicide but later ruled that out after they couldn't find the weapon and then found his truck burned in a field.

"I knew it was something major because I've never seen that many sheriffs on the street," said Halliburton.

On Thursday, Sheriff’s deputies came face-to-face with Tenorio when they went to talk to him about Regenold’s death.

Instead, it turned into a manhunt when he tried to run over a deputy.

At the time, the Sheriff’s office said Tenorio was a murder suspect, but on Friday, they said he was only wanted for questioning as a person of interest.

We asked what his connection was to Regenold.

"That's something [detectives] want to determine," said SCSO spokesperson Earle Farrell. "Evidently, something led them to him, whether it was a connection through friends, cell phone records; I can't answer that question."

Tenorio has a lengthy criminal record detailing thefts, assaults and drug possession.

He had about a dozen warrants out for him, including a fresh one from Thursday night.

Deputies said he was charged with assault for trying to run a detective over before fleeing the scene.

They said it was that warrant that led authorities to West Memphis and the fatal shootout.

Deputies said they'll continue investigating the Cordova homicide.