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Mother raises concerns after bus stop mishaps

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- School bus drop off gone wrong.

A Whitehaven mother claimed her child has either been dropped off at the wrong stop or too early.

She said it's been so bad even the police had to get involved.

"I just feel like I just keep getting lucky, but I feel like they're gonna do it one time, and something is gonna happen to her," said mother, LaSheila Mabon.

Mabon said her daughter has either been dropped off too early or at the wrong bus stop three times over the last few weeks.

"Anybody could grab her. She could get run over by a car; she's crossing major streets by herself," she said.

Mabon is so nervous she didn't send her daughter, seven-year-old Autumn, to Robert R. Church Elementary in Whitehaven on Friday.

She said her daughter is supposed to get dropped off at Graceland and Randall, where Mabon is waiting. She said the first incident was a few weeks ago.

"I had been waiting like 30 minutes I see her walking from around the corner a couple streets down from the bus stop. The bus had dropped her off in the wrong spot," she said.

Then on last Friday, Mabon said there was another problem.

"All of a sudden the police call my phone and they had to bring her to the school to get her address, and they had to bring her to the house," she said.

Then on Wednesday, Mabon said the bus dropped her daughter off too early and she walked away from the stop.

Mabon said she found Autumn a few blocks away near the Pepper Tree Apartments.

"Everybody I call the Board of Education, the transportation department, the school, no one is trying to do anything about it."

On Friday, Shelby County Schools said the driver of the bus was a substitute, and they're working to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Mabon said now she and her husband are adjusting their schedules so they can start picking Autumn up from school, but in the meantime she wants answers.

"I just want everybody to be careful, and I just want something to be done about it."

Durham Bus Services sent us this statement,"Upon being made aware of this situation today, we have been working closely with Shelby County Schools to address the matter. In doing so, we have reviewed our GPS records with Shelby County Schools and can confirm our driver has stopped consistently at Graceland and Randall for the past two weeks. The safety of our students is our top priority and as such, we have reached out to the mother directly to ensure that her child gets off at the correct stop."