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Delta Fair’s Moonraker expected to open this weekend

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Caitlin Edwards is one of the scores of disappointed riders bummed to hear her favorite ride won't be spinning around until Saturday at the earliest.

"Oh, is it really? I`m not going tomorrow," said Edwards.

The Moonraker has been closed ever since Saturday's frightening accident when lap bars on the rider were released early.

It injured 14 riders and sent eight of those to the hospital.

State and local inspectors have since given the Delta Fair permission to resume ride, but the fair's organizer, Mark Lovell, said they've had to put things on hold.

"I don`t really know all the reasons why and I don`t. I just want the ride on," said Lovell.

He said he still plans to ride the Moonraker himself as soon as it reopens.

"I was gonna do it just to show everybody that our rides are safe."

Kendarius Allen told WREG he doesn't need any convincing.

"I`m one of the people who`s one of those thrill seekers because I don`t care about what`ll happen to me," he said.

Even with the Moonraker closed, there's still plenty of other things to do at the Delta Fair.

"Even without that ride, we`ve got 62 other rides. We got tiger and elephant shows."