Teen with scoliosis has more confidence thanks to Orlando tattoo artist


ORLANDO — A young teen now has more confidence thanks to a tattoo artist in Orlando.

WHIO reported 12-year-old Xavier Holly has scoliosis and recently learned he’d have to wear a back brace longer than anticipated.

“He’s embarrassed to wear this to school,” Holly’s mom wrote on Facebook after getting the news. “Last year he wore it under his shirt, but it’s very noticeable, and (he) got picked on. I’m looking for a place that can possibly do an airbrush design on (his brace) in Orlando.”

Not too long afterward, Angel Ruiza, the owner of Anarchy Tattoos and Art Co. responded back.

Ruiza offered to do the design for free.

This small act of kindness had a tremendous impact.

“He was shocked and instantly wanted to wear it to school to show all his friends,” King said.

“I cried,” she added. “I never expected it to be so amazing and full of details … I’m so grateful that something like this has changed my son’s confidence and makes him smile.”