Second suspect arrested in gruesome torture case

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It was an emotional reaction Thursday as a family learned about an arrest in a gruesome torture case.

John Richardson, 34, sits behind bars on attempted murder charges alongside 21-year-old Gage Caulk, who was taken into custody earlier this week.

The pair were accused of sodomizing a young man, throwing him into a bathtub of bleach and beating him.

The details, in this case, are so horrific, WREG is choosing not to report all of them.

According to police, the terrible torture case was all over drugs.

On Thursday, WREG went to the address listed for Richardson in Brighton.

A man, who identified himself as Richardson's brother, said he had no idea he had been arrested.

When he heard what charges his brother was accused of, he opened his mouth in disbelief and walked away.

Thursday morning was Richardson's first court appearance after he was arrested late Wednesday.

The sickening saga goes back to late August when a man told police he was kidnapped in the area of Sycamore View and Summer.

He told investigators several men threw a noose around his neck and forced him into a vehicle.

They told the victim if he told them where the dope was they wouldn't kill him, but despite the warning, the victim was held captive for 24 hours and allegedly tortured by Richardson and Caulk.

According to an affidavit, the victim was sexually terrorized and sodomized.

He said Richardson, known as "LG" used a hot, flat iron to burn him.

At one point, the victim's foot was placed in scalding water.

They then used a sharp object to attempt to cut off his toe and repeatedly hit him with a bat.

After 24 hours, the men dumped the victim on a gravel road where he was spotted by a driver and rushed to the hospital.

WREG checked Shelby County Court records.

Richardson has a history of arrests for drug and weapons violations.

The Tipton County Sheriff's Office gave us a long list of his arrests as well which included assault.

Neighbors said he was always quiet and never caused problems in their community.

"Very shocking. Very, very shocking."

The neighbor WREG spoke with is a first responder and said even these details are too much to handle.

"I see a lot but still you don't hear a lot of that going on."

No one answered the door when we went to the Bartlett address listed for Caulk on Wednesday.

There are still other suspects named in the affidavit that police are looking for.

The victim's family said he is now receiving mental health treatment.

Richardson is at 201 Poplar on a $500,000 bond.