Drugs, phones and cough syrup seized at Shelby County Corrections Center

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Thursday, Memphis Police Department Organized Crime Squad raided the Shelby County Corrections Center.

According to police, they started looking into illegal drugs and contraband being smuggled into the jail.

A total of 21 people reportedly conspired to "distribute narcotics and illegal contraband to inmates in the facility."

"It's unfortunate that we have some people working in our correctional facilities that can be compromised," said Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell.

Items seized include 549 grams of marijuana, 9.5 pounds of tobacco items, 31 pints of promethazine cough syrup, 98 Alprazolam, alcohol, cell phones and a pocket knife."

"All details of that investigation are being handled by the Memphis Police Department.  Staff at the corrections center are fully cooperating and assisting Memphis Police with their investigation," said Public Affairs Officer Steve Shular in a statement.

It's not the first time there have been issues with contraband at the Corrections Center.

Back in August, we reported how two deputy jailers were indicted, accused of smuggling in a smart watch and cell phone battery.

"We have a very extensive search procedure as employees come in and they basically know that we're looking to make sure that no one brings any unauthorized items inside the facility," said Assistant Chief Amos Harrison with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office.