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Man charged after raping woman in front of her grandson

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A man is behind bars, accused of raping a woman in front of her grandson.

The suspect, Larry McGowan, could often be seen walking around, neighbors told WREG's Luke Jones, but even they were surprised to hear what he`s accused of.

Bryon Taylor said he knows McGowan.

"I just see him walking around. He`s always quiet, like, to himself."

Police said McGowan broke in through the woman's bedroom window in late June and found her asleep with her grandson.

That's when she said he raped her, all while completely naked.

He made the victim believe he had a gun.

Her grandson reportedly saw the entire thing.

"It just mess his whole life up `cause he young. It`s something he don`t need to see," said Taylor.

When the rape was over, the victim told police the suspect went to another room where the woman's daughter and another person were sleeping.

He ordered them to undress, but when they refused, he took off.

"He looks sick. For him to do something like that and he`s smiling like that. He looks sick."

Police were able to pull surveillance video from the apartments, and it showed a naked man walking through the complex.

McGowan's bond was set at $500,000.