Husband of missing woman faces judge on arson charges

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police say Randall Freeman tried to torch a house the day before his wife Keila disappeared.

On Thursday, Randall “Randy” Freeman stood before a judge for the first time since being arrested and charged with aggravated arson.

He’s accused of trying to set fire to a home on Germanshire Lane on Sunday.

"He was throwing Molotov cocktails on top of the house trying to set the house on fire," said John Gant.

Just two days later on Tuesday, Freeman’s wife, Keila Freeman, was reported missing.

Family members claimed Keila was last seen on Monday night and hasn’t been seen since.

On Tuesday, Memphis Police used crime tape to block off the area near the couple’s home on Meadow Ridge Trail in search of Keila.

Less than 24 hours later, investigators were back out looking through a parked SUV and inside of the home.

Neighbors near the burnt home told WREG they saw a van camped outside shortly before the fire.

They said it looks just like the one WREG saw being towed away from the couple’s home.

"He was parking over on the side right there say it was a white work van," added Gant.

According to neighbors, it isn’t the first time the van was spotted in their neighborhood which happens to be a few minutes up the street from Freeman’s home, but at this point, there are many questions.

Off camera, the people who live in the home told WREG they were aware that an arrest had been made but didn’t know Randy or Keila Freeman. Leaving those living nearby scratching their heads as well.

"I thought someone had something against them over there," said Gant.

With questions swirling regarding the fire, 72 hours later the big question remains where is Keila?

Randy Freeman will face a judge again next Thursday.