Town House community tired of living in filth

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A townhouse community is becoming known for its dumping problem.

Both Memphis and Shelby County officials are being held accountable along with owners of the properties.

"Kids can be playing out on mattresses and get bed bugs. This is an emergency situation," said Patricia Rogers.

According to the City of Memphis, Fox Hollow Town Homes has several code violations, but the problem is the condos are each owned by different people.

It's forcing the city to sue to get action.

Residents said the living conditions are bad, but there's an even bigger issue of dumping since they don't have dumpsters in the complex.

"The living conditions are disgusting, but people dump here because think it's condemned so they dump here," said resident Tamara Scott.

Many of the townhouses aren't livable, but for those who still call it home they want improvements made.

"Maybe we could get a dumpster over here. Garbage people come when they feel like it," added Scott.

For more than a year the city has said they've done their part to try to clean, close and even demolish the townhomes.

On August 30 the city even conducted a sweep which found 78 new code enforcement violations.

That's on top of 37 existing violations from previous inspections.

Shelby County owns seven of the condos.

The county confirmed ownership but has not responded regarding what actions they will take going forward to improve living conditions.