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Arrest made after a man was kidnapped and tortured

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A brutal assault landed a Memphis man in jail on attempted murder and kidnapping charges.

Gage Caulk is charged with attempted first-degree murder and especially aggravated kidnapping.

Police say the victim was kidnapped and tortured for hours.

Caulk, according to police, was one of the several men who tortured the victim August 29th.

Police say someone put a noose around the man's neck near Summer and Sycamore View and forced him into a car where he was choked with the rope and kicked until unconscious.

When the man awoke, he said a different person told him he'd be dead if he didn't tell him 'where the dope is.'

He was then taken to a house, stripped and hogtied.

The man was horrifically tortured to a point we can't detail here.

Police say he had numerous cuts, bruises, broken bones and damage to his anal area.

After the day of torture, the victim told police he was driven to a gravel road and left for dead.

A passing motorist found him and took him to the hospital.