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Arrest made after man was tortured for hours

*Warning: The details of this case are graphic.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Police have arrested a second man in a truly gruesome case in which a man was tortured for hours.

John "LG" Richardson was arrested on Wednesday and booked into the Shelby County Jail.

Officers said Richardson and  21-year-old Gage Caulk kidnapped a man then tortured him.

Caulk reportedly sodomized the victim, beat him and forced him into a bathtub of bleach.

The details of the case are so graphic, WREG can not report them all.

Officers said the case is over drugs.

The victim told police he was in the area of Summer and Sycamore View last week when Caulk and several other males tied a noose around his neck, forced him into a car and kicked him until he was unconscious.

When he woke up another suspect, known as Blake, told him to tell him where the dope was. If he did, he wouldn't kill him.

But the warning apparently meant nothing as a scene ripped from a horror film unfolded.

The victim told police he was taken to a house, hogtied and stripped naked.

According to an affidavit, the suspects used a hot flat iron to burn the young man, placed his foot in scalding water, used a sharp object to attempt to cut off his toe and repeatedly hit him with a bat.

The abuse didn't stop there.

According to detectives, the suspects used a blade to cut the victim's face, put him in a bathtub full of bleach with a bag over his head, and used a drill on his hands, while threatening to drill his teeth out and chop him up.

Finally after 24 hours of torture, the suspects dropped the victim off on a gravel road. Thankfully someone driving in the area spotted him and took him to the hospital, bruised, battered and broken.

No one answered on Wednesday when WREG went to the Bartlett address listed for the suspect, Caulk. A neighbor we talked to said she's never seen him before, but after hearing about the nightmare crime he's accused of, she's glad he's off the street.

"Actually hurting them in that way though, that's incomprehensible."

WREG talked to family members of the victim who said he is now getting some mental health help since the incident. Caulk is at 201 Poplar on a $350,000 bond.

A bond has not been set for Richardson.