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High school girls working to make positive change in Frayser

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A group of Memphis high school students is taking back their school and community.

From bullies to criminals, a handful of teens are doing what they can to stomp out negativity and all of the things holding them back.

"We're just looking for better ways to like prevent violence in our community," said Denise Bonds.

They called themselves Girlz Invasion.

They are a group of young ladies aimed at "invading" the issues, such as bullying and violence.

"He pushed her off of the curb, and she ended up being brain damaged," Alexis Burnett recalled.

"You don't want to be afraid to like take your child to school-- afraid that somebody is going to come and shoot," Amaya Love said.

The honors students are starting small by focusing their attention on their school, Memphis Business Academy, and their small Sky Lake community in Frayser.

"We want to just let people know that it's somebody out there that cares about the stuff that we see on breaking news every day," Bonds told WREG.

Over the last two months, police data showed reported crimes in and around their community were on the rise.

The girls built a relationship with police where they learned the small things they can do to make a difference.

"Sometimes people just pull us aside and be like well I'm having this issue, and we'll be able to give them advice and different kinds of ways to solve the problem," Love explained.

Instead of just talking about the problems, the teens are determined to do something about them.

"If we continue to teach those under us, then our legacy will be passed on," Burnett said.

The girls have a face to face meeting with the police director on Wednesday, and events are planned for later this year.

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