Creepy clowns now reported in second state

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Winston-Salem police say someone in a clown costume tried to lure kids into the woods there Sunday night.

It happened in the 1200 block of East 29th Street off Hwy. 52 about 8:30.

The "clown" was described as wearing white overalls, white gloves, red shoes with red bushy hair, a white face and a red nose.

He allegedly tried to lure the kids with treats according to WGHP.

He was reportedly seen by two children and heard, but not seen, by one adult.

The man ran when officers arrived.

A second clown sighting happened just after midnight about two miles from the first sighting.

Both spots where clowns were reported are in very residential areas near parks/woods.

Similar incidents have occurred in South Carolina.