Bartlett Police: Officer fires shot at man trying to break into her house

BARTLETT, Tenn. -- An Arlington man is behind bars after police say he broke into the home of an off-duty female officer causing havoc in the neighborhood.

"Completely insane," said neighbor Traci Towles. "[I] would've never even thought something like that would happen over here, so we're all kind of a little freaked out."

Freaked out after police said Jeremy Scott, 39, caused trouble in their Greystone community.

Police said around 3 a.m. Sunday, Scott broke into an off-duty officer's house by throwing a log through her bathroom window.

"It was a little bit you know scary for all of us when we did find out," said Towles.

Police said when the officer heard glass breaking, she confronted the suspect who was trying to crawl through the window.

That's when she reportedly got her gun and fired one shot in his direction.

Police said it made him change his mind and take off down the street screaming.

"My wife heard some noises and stuff, and it kind of woke us up, and we saw flashing lights and we kind of stepped out here to see what was going on," said neighbor Chris Hammonds.

Police said the man was high on meth and laid down in a driveway and started screaming how 'God was coming back and he wanted to let people know.'

Such a massive police response is a rare sight in the quiet neighborhood.

"Other than the ones that live here, not hardly ever," said Towles.

Police said Scott resisted arrest and even kicked at an officer's car, causing $500 worth of damage.

He was charged with assault, resisting official detention and vandalism.

All charges neighbors said they're happy to see, in a story they won't be forgetting.

"I'm sure they'll be talking about it for awhile," said Towles.

Scott's criminal record shows a prior history of thefts and drug possession.