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9/11 costume at Dragon Con depicts dolls jumping to death

ATLANTA —¬†Pictures of costumes that were worn outside Dragon Con over the weekend has social media abuzz.

The 9/11 costumes depicted the World Trade Center ablaze. Attached to the front were two dolls falling to their deaths, reported CBS 19.

Kaitlyn Ross with the CBS station in Atlanta posted the picture on her Facebook page Monday.

The couple’s actions were met with anger and disgust.

“I understand and respect the right to freedom of expression, but this cross the line,” one person wrote.

“They lost no one from the twin towers so it is easy and senseless to do this because what others tragically felt they did not. Where by God be the love for mankind. Pray for people like this…….” wrote another.

“Wow! That’s pretty inappropriate, I would say. This is such a touchy subject for people, esp. NY’ers who were in NYC that day. I’m sure this won’t be taken lightly once it goes viral…. Glad you shared this Kaitlyn.”


Officials with Dragon Con released the following statement to the media:

We share the concerns of everyone who was upset by these costumes. Their costumes were offensive, distasteful, and completely inappropriate.

We became aware of these individuals in the evening and dispatched both Dragon Con and hotel security to find them, pull their badges, and escort them from the property for violating convention policies. They had apparently left the Dragon Con convention area shortly after the photographs were taken.

Based on other photographs we have seen, we do not believe that these individuals were members of Dragon Con, meaning that they had not purchased badges that would have allowed them to enter the convention.