Shots fired during standoff in Shelby County

MEMPHIS, Tenn. --With guns in tow, Shelby County Deputies and the SWAT team swarmed homes in Richwood.

"All I know is it was like Afghanistan around here going across my front doorstep," said neighbor Darold Hines.

Hines looked on frantically as deputies forced him into his home.

He identified his neighbor as 80-year-old Rozelle Fields and said Fields was standing outside of his Richwood Place home  with a gun.

At one point, authorities said he fired shots in the air and down into the ground.

"I heard gunshots back and forth and the police told me I couldn’t even get my groceries out, because he was shooting down this way. They wouldn’t let anyone get near," he said.

According to deputies Fields has stage 4 cancer.

They said Monday’s shots may have been that of a hopeless man at his wits end.

"He’s a very nice man. He was actually the captain of our Neighborhood Watch. I think that is why police went to great lengths not to hurt him."

Deputies told WREG it took countless phone conversations and family members to talk Fields down from challenging them.

When it was all said and done 3 hours later, he finally gave up.

"It’s really sad. That has been our Neighborhood Watch captain watching over everyone else’s house all of these years has finally just snapped."

Neighbors told WREG while it’s sad to see the pain that drove Fields to such a drastic point, they are just glad no lives were lost.

"You always want to see a good thing happen not anything bad," said neighbor Taurus Bradford. "He didn’t die. He didn’t get shot."

No word yet on whether the man will face any charges.