Sand sculpture of Justin Bieber’s head destroyed at state fair

NEW YORK — There’s a noticeable difference to one of the sand sculptures at this year’s New York State Fair.

According to CNN, a fair-goer destroyed a sculpture of Justin Bieber’s head.

Multiple witnesses said they saw the man fall into the sculpture and then bolt for the door.

“Maybe this is an individual who may have been intoxicated, or maybe had an issue exactly with Mr. Bieber. Certainly we’re going to keep an eye on things and we’re investigating it. We’re hoping that anybody who has any information on it, whatever it may have been, contact the State Police here at the State Fair,” Trooper Jack Keller told WSYR.

The team who created the art have already moved on to their next show so it’s doubtful the sculpture will be repaired by the end of the fair next week.