Fans, businesses react to Big 12 announcement

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Win or lose, at Celtic Crossing, Tigers fans' cups are often brimming with just as much spirits as they have for their team.

"It`s not just the fact that how many Tigers fans we got, but how many fans from other teams came in."

Allan Creasy was hoping for some extra visits by sports fans if the Tigers got into the Big 12 Conference.

"It would have been nice, short-term, for us to have that extra boost."

With those hopes all but completely dashed, Creasy said it's business as usual.

Just a short drive to the University of Memphis campus and Tiger fans were completely devastated.

"I feel like we deserve this, you know, as Tigers," said Brandon Townsend.

They were worried about what this means for the future of their school.

"That`s a big thing. That`s like one of the biggest things at a college, period," said student Christian Christopher.

A Big 12 designation might have seen crowds at Tigers games swell to new levels.

The money from ticket sales, students said, could have been used for other programs.

"That makes money for, like, art, ideas students would have."

Even Chandler Stump could tell you what Big 12 membership would have done for the city at large.

"I think if you put Memphis in the Big 12, you start to see a lot of people come to the city. You see Memphis just starting to grow."