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A curfew violation lands a 16-year-old in big trouble

Memphis, Tenn. -- Police said they spotted a 16-year-old boy in Midtown near Hawthorne and Lawrence around three Friday morning.

He told officers he was headed home from Beale Street to his home on Hollywood.

Police said that was far from the truth. They picked the teen up for a curfew violation.

Officers found his backpack full of stolen items from magazine clips to knives to pliers and designer sunglasses.

They believe he hit multiple cars in Midtown.

"Doesn't surprise me. There are all kinds of young kids coming through here all the time," said Michael Parham who lives next to one of the victims on Crump near Evergreen.

On Friday, Police Director Michael Rallings told WREG this is why his team is working to crack down on curfew violations. It's not because it's a city ordinance and state law, but because too many times a kid out late gets into mischief.

"It happened when I was a patrol officer. I have taken a number of kids home to their parents, and unfortunately, had to take some to juvenile court," said Rallings.

He said while police need help from parents, the city is looking at other avenues to help with the problem.

He'd like to open a center where police can take kids violating the curfew and have parents pick them up.

Something former Mayor A C Wharton pushed heavily for.

"We talked about it Monday. We talked about it sometime today. So yes, it's something I think we need in Memphis," he said.

As for that 16-year-old, police said they're trying to find out the cars he broke into and hoped they can get the property back to its rightful owner.