Uber launches ride scheduling in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It's becoming more convenient to not have a car in Memphis as different ride programs expand.

One popular app, Uber, is launching the ability to schedule your rides ahead of time.

Seth Parrish and his friends aren't shy about using car services like Uber.

"Probably at least once to twice a week," said Parrish.

He needs rides for a range of reasons, whether it's to avoid the hassles of parking or wanting to forgo driving altogether.

"I don't have to get my car out, and we can share it," said Parrish. "You can share it with friends, so it's very convenient."

The Memphis Area Transit Authority said 65 percent of residents have used public transportation.

And Uber says it's their priority to be there for people underserved by existing transportation options.

The company now allows users to schedule their rides ahead of time.

You can schedule your ride 30 minutes to 30 days in advance.

"I would definitely do that," said Lindsey Simpson who's used ride services before.

It gives another option to public transit or taxi services, by helping people get to work, to an appointment or the airport on time.

Uber said it's been their most requested feature.

Priority access will go to those who sign up with a business account by using a work email and those who are simply the first ones to sign up.

The demo shows you'll be given a price range to agree to.

You'll set your appointment, and Uber will remind you one day before and half an hour before your ride.

But if it turns out to be a busy time, then you'll be notified of higher pricing when the driver is on their way.

"It would be nice to know straight prices for something like that, and I think that might be one of the very few hurdles they have going into that," said Ryan Coleman, who uses Uber.

People said regardless, the more ride services in Memphis, the better.