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TEMA apologizes for statewide EMA alerts


NASHVILLE, Tenn. — If you received a TEMA alert Thursday and it annoyed or scared you, it turns out you aren’t alone.

Some got the message on their television or radio, while others had their mobile phone set off up to three times.

According to the Tennesse Emergency Management Agency, the test was designed to coincide with the start of National Preparedness Month.

“During today’s test we learned valuable lessons about the Emergency Alert System, our protocols, and areas to improve on the delivery of these types of alerts in the future,” said TEMA Director Patrick Sheehan in a statement.

The agency received hundreds of messages about issues with the warnings and people who were worried by them.

“In the coming days and weeks TEMA will be reevaluating our protocols and systems.  We will not be conducting any public tests of the system in the foreseeable future,” said Sheehan.

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