Crash that sent car flying and almost into the Loosahatchie River was not an accident

MEMPHIS, Tenn. --It looked like something out of a movie, but Ethel Rogers said this was all real.

"Dukes of Hazard, that`s what it looked like."

She was crossing the Loosahatchie River bridge on Watkins when a car zoomed past her.

It then flew hundreds of feet through the air.

"It went in between the bridges and flew up in the air. The car turned over and fell in between the two bridges."

There wasn't much left of the vehicle when it was towed away Thursday evening.

Authorities said the crash was not an accident.

The driver allegedly confessed to them he wanted to kill himself.

"He smoked some crack, then he came out here attempting to kill himself and that`s all we really know at this point," said Sgt. Rick Goforth with the Shelby County Sheriff`s Office.

We watched from the air as crews spent hours trying to get the driver out of the car, which had flipped onto its roof just yards away from the river's banks.

"When we came back with the ambulance, you could hear him screaming down there. He was screaming for help," said Ethel Rogers.

They were finally able to pull him to safety and rushed him to the hospital with only minor injuries.

"He`s talking. Doesn`t act like he`s in a lot of pain," said Goforth.