Mississippi Supreme Court declines to hear Greg Davis’ appeal


JACKSON, Miss. — The Mississippi Supreme Court has declined to hear former Southaven Mayor Greg Davis‘ appeal.

The court’s decision means that the Court of Appeals’ decision from December 2015 stands.

In December, WREG reported the appeals court ruled against Davis, saying he would have to pay several thousand dollars back over purchases he made while in office.

At the time they also ruled Davis’ claim the city owed him approximately $96,000 was invalid.

According to court documents the investigation started back in March 2011 when the State Auditor was called in to look at purchases made by Davis.

The city paid $34,000 towards for marriage counseling at Psychological Counseling Services in Arizona, which Davis labeled as “classes,” “training,” and “seminars” for it to get paid.

Davis also charged several meals and other personal expenses to the city credit card during that trip.

He said those personal expenses was a promotion for the City of Southaven.

He even requested reimbursement to his personal credit card for counseling services that weren’t covered by the city.

In all from July 2009 to April 2011, the former mayor had charged $130,436.52 on city credit cards, was reimbursed $128,642.59 for things bought on his personal cards, and received mileage reimbursement totaling $37,316.99.

The investigation found the former mayor provided little to no documentation to support these claimed expenses.

According to court documents, Davis initially repaid $96,000 to the city, believing that would cover everything.

However, when the auditor ordered him to pay an additional $74,000, Davis refused and wanted the original money he paid returned.