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Grizz hangs out with students to encourage attendance

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- September marks the start of Attendance Awareness Month across the country, and the Memphis Grizzlies are doing their part to fight truancy.

On Thursday, Grizz literally picked up and carried middle school students into school at A. Maceo Walker.

Some kids didn`t need any help.

They proudly danced their way to class.

The event was carefully planned out to celebrate the students' achievements in going to school regularly and encouraged them to keep going.

It's estimated 29,000 students in Shelby County were absent for more than 18 days last year.

"I think that`s straight nonsense; kids are supposed to come to school and get their education."

SCS agreed, and the district is hoping to break down those startling numbers.

"In our house, it`s required you have an education to live there. I have to get up every morning, even when I`m tired and get my education. "

SCS and community leaders like Eliot Perry hope more parents will get a game plan like Tiana Crawley`s mom and coach their kids to class.

"I look at all these kids as part of me. When I look at these kids, I see myself, I see my family," she said.

Kids like 13-year-old Simon Ragland.

"I see a lot of people that are homeless and I don`t like that. We all have an opportunity you just need to use it, use it while you can. "

With the community support shown, Simon feels like he can tackle anything.