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21 y/o arrested for pimping out teen in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A 21-year-old is accused of pimping out a teenager in Memphis.

"Especially in intimate relationships, it's not uncommon where part of the abuse is they're prostituting the girlfriend," said Melissa Farrar, director of program operations at the Family Safe Center.

WREG obtained court records that reveal the girlfriend in this case was 16 years old, and she was in a sexual relationship with 21-year-old Lazaraeo Dixon.

"When there's a huge age difference like that, that's something to really pay attention to and really be mindful of as well," said Farrar.

Court documents say the victim told police Dixon would post pornographic images of her online and then book hotel rooms for her to have sex for money.

She told police Dixon took more than $800 from her.

"I think a lot of people see it as prostitution, and they're doing it voluntarily and don't realize they've been manipulated into doing it and forced into doing it for a long time," said Farrar.

Police came into contact with Dixon on Wednesday after pulling him over for not having a license plate.

Officers said the victim was in the car, but lied about her name and age, later saying she didn't want to get Dixon in trouble.

"Both vulnerability and power," said Farrar. "They're very charming, certainly for a teen girl, a 21-year-old liking you is really cool; it feels good."

WREG went to Dixon's home on Thursday, but his family didn't want to talk.

He's now charged with rape, trafficking for commercial sex, commercial sexual abuse of a minor and sexual exploitation of a minor.

"We're seeing an alarming number across the United States where teens are human trafficking victims all the time," said Farrar.

A problem places like the Family Safety Center is working to spread awareness about.

Court records say both the victim and suspect admitted the prostitution to police.

Dixon's set to be back in court next week.

If you are a victim or know a victim who needs help, you can contact the Family Safety Center, the Exchange Club Center, Redtore Core, Rape Crisis Center or the Crime Victim Center.