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Woman kidnapped, beaten in Southaven shares her story

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. -- The woman police say was kidnapped and beaten is sharing her story.

"He was telling me 'B**** I will kill a b*** like you. I will decapitate your head and kick it down the street and not think anything of it.'"

Haunting, harsh words from a man Denise Marshall thought was her friend.

Marshall did not want to show her face out of fear, but she can rest a little easier after Southaven Police arrested 36-year-old Christopher Hudgens.

His arrest stemmed from an hours-long barricade situation on quiet Kackybrook Cove in Southaven

It's unclear what set Hudgens into his fit of rage, but Marshall said she was talking to him about his recent loss of a family member when things became physical.

"He started popping me in the mouth. Three times and he pulled me, dragged me into the house by my hair."

Neighbors noticed the commotion and called 911.

Inside, Marshall said Hudgens was irate and yelling.

She said at one point he threatened her with a gun.

When she realized how dangerous the situation was, she said she began negotiating with him.

"He dropped a pistol in the tub, and I thought this is my opportunity to get the gun and take it, and then maybe I could shoot him, but I thought no I better not because I might make a mistake and if I make a mistake he's going to kill me for real."

She was able to make it to a nearby window in the home where she saw police outside.

"I started beating on the window and asked them to help me," she said fighting back tears.

A little later, Marshall made it out of the home safe.

She said she's sharing her story with the hope to help others.

Marshall encouraged anyone who suspects any kind of domestic abuse to speak up and for survivors not to be ashamed.

"I'm not gonna be a victim anymore. I'm not a victim. I will be an advocate and hold strong."

Police shot Hudgens in the hand after they had said he pointed a gun at them.

He was charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault.