Proposed gravel pit concerns people living nearby

ATOKA, Tenn. -- People living near a proposed gravel pit are worried what the mining site could do to their property value.

It's coming up on 20 years, but Bill and Sherry Hall remember when they bought their home on the lake like it was yesterday.

“I walked in this backyard and just fell in love with it. The guy said 'would you like to look at the house' and I said 'there's a house there too,'” recalled Bill.

If the town of Atoka approves a proposal, a company will be allowed to dig a mining pit just on the other side of the lake in Hall’s backyard.

“Imagine what the noise level is going to be,” said Sherry Hall, Bill’s wife.

“It's already bumper to bumper but if those trucks are traveling too what's that going to be like?”

The company already owns and leases the land it's just up to the town leaders to allow such a business to open.

“The whole process is to make sure everyone has an opportunity to keep their voices heard,” said Brian Koral, Atoka’s town administrator.

The town has had several listening sessions, meetings, and sought opinions online from its residents and those in neighboring Shelby County

Bill Hall looks out on his backyard lake hoping his oasis remains intact, and if not, that he doesn't lose money based on who moves in next door.

“I fear we're going to lose the lake, but we're going to lose 25 to 30 percent of our property value,” said Bill.

The next meeting on the issue is September 22.