Husband, wife shot, house set on fire after putting kids on school bus in Ohio

SPRINGFIELD TOWHSHIP, Ohio — When Susan Buchholz and Daniel Bennett put their kids on the bus to school Tuesday, they didn’t know it was the last time Buchholz would see them.

The two were shot, and Buchholz, 32, died from her injuries, WTOL reported. Bennett, also 32, was severely injured and placed in a medically induced coma, though he is expected to be taken out of it Wednesday.

Police said after the suspect shot the couple, he then set their home on fire.

Their 7-year-old witnessed the shooting, and other kids on the bus may have as well, according to WTOL. Officers found the couple’s preschool-aged son hiding.

It’s unclear where exactly the couple’s two other children were at the moment of the shooting, but they were taken out of school. The kids are now with relatives.

Buchholz and Bennett had only been married slightly over a week before being torn apart by the horrific violence. They’ve been together for six or seven years.

The suspect, whom police identified as Jimmie Pemberton, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, police said.

Pemberton’s girlfriend Erma Oswalt told WTOL the couple and Pemberton had been fighting, but she said she never could have guessed it would end like this.

Family of Buchholz and Bennett told WTOL the couple put up surveillance cameras recently because they were scared of Pemberton. Family also said the couple filed a police report alleging he set off a bomb in their front yard, though WTOL could not find the report.