East Memphis residents fed up with car burglaries

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Marlon Malbrough says on Sunday night his home surveillance cameras captured a man snooping around the cars in his driveway and on his neighbor's property.

"He kind of looked over like to see if someone was watching, then he checked to see if the door was unlocked. He looked like a younger guy maybe 18-20," recalled Malbrough.

Malbrough is hoping that someone recognizes the man’s build or walk and turns the crook in.

"He just nonchalantly walked back down the street," added Malbrough

He nonchalantly took Malbrough’s wallet right along with him.

The thief tried to use one of the stolen debit cards but was unsuccessful.

Just across the cove another victim, who didn’t want to go on camera, claimed that his back window has been broken out twice.

That victim said the thieves made off with the tools he uses for work.

One door down Kara Leonard told us two of her cars were targeted.

"They took the speaker out of his car, a few pair of shoes, iPod a computer, the didn’t take anything from my car they broke the window on it though," said Leonard.

Since the rash of burglaries began residents are making sure doors are locked, but they want the man identified, and, more importantly, they want the crook to know he’s not welcome near their neighborhood.