Armored truck guard shot at Hickory Hill bank

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis Police have released more information in the search for the suspect who attacked a Brinks armored truck guard Tuesday afternoon.

According to authorities, they were called to a robbery at the SunTrust Bank in the 6000 block of Winchester Road shortly before 11:30 a.m.

The victim, a Brinks employee, exited the bank and was shot by an unknown suspect in the face.

He grabbed the money bag from the victim and fled the scene in a black 4-door Acura with tinted windows.

No tags were displayed.

The suspect was last seen speeding westbound through the Hickory Ridge Mall parking lot.

The suspect's car

The suspect's car

The victim's co-worker reportedly jumped into action following the attack.

"She gave chase to the guy until the police came and pulled her ov2er."

Kendrick Reid said his wife Katrina was the driver of the armored truck the victim was returning to before being shot.

He said he didn't know the victim but spoke to her on a few occasions.

He told WREG the suspects must have been following the Brinks truck as it made stops along the route.

Reid said as soon as shots were fired his wife followed protocol.

She sounded the alarm in the truck, then took off chasing the suspect's car.

"In the mix she lost them, but I'm proud of her," Reid said.

Investigators and witnesses told WREG the man who shot the guard wasn`t alone and there were two people in the getaway car that left the scene.

While the car may have gotten away for the time being, investigators said they`re are hot on the trail of those responsible, picking up every piece of evidence they can find.

The guard is in critical condition.

This is the fifth armored truck robbery and/or shooting in the last four months in Memphis.