Man arrested for alleged sexual battery in apartment complex, another resident describes similar scare

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A 50-year-old woman claims she was sexually assaulted in a Medical District apartment complex.

The woman told police she was trying to get into her apartment complex in the 1000 block of Court Avenue when 26-year-old Larderius Garrett approached her asking if she wanted to buy food stamps.

He then started inappropriately touching her.

Despite the danger, police won't say exactly where the incident happened.

"There's a lot of foolishness going on now," said one man who was walking nearby.

On Tuesday, Naomi Olubodun told WREG she recently had a similar experience.

Olubodun is a caretaker in the Memphis Towers Apartments.

She said about a week ago a man approached her while she carried groceries to the apartment.

The elevator was broken so she appreciated the help.

However, the so-called Good Samaritan turned on her.

Olubodon said the man exposed himself to her as they walked up a stairwell.

"We got to the third floor and he approached me--rised up on me--like you know--and I pushed him back out of reflex," she said.

She said the man continued to expose himself and wouldn't leave her alone.

Thankfully she escaped and called police.

When we showed her Garrett's mugshot she wasn't sure if he was the same man in her case.

However, she did have a warning for those in the area.

"Try not to walk alone and make sure you're out there so nobody can see you," she said.

Garrett's bond was set at $6,000.