Death by hickey possible, but very rare, experts say

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MEXICO — A young man in Mexico reportedly died as a result of a hickey from his girlfriend.

According to initial reports, the man suffered a stroke that authorities said was caused by the hickey.

While it may seem far fetched, experts say it is possible.

Rare, but possible.

“A hickey is a bruise. It’s an injury to the surface of the skin,” Dr. Mitchell Elkind explained to CBS New York.

He noted a skin bruise would not lead to a stroke.

However, a hickey could conceivably lead to a stroke if it were applied to a certain area of the neck very aggressively.

“The carotid artery, which is one of the arteries that goes to the brain travels through the neck. so, if you were to press on or otherwise damage the neck in that area where the carotid artery is going, potentially they could cause enough injury to tear the blood vessel, and cause a blood clot to form that could go to the brain and cause a stroke,” he said.