Church’s ‘Naked Jesus’ banner torn down in front of pastor

CORDOVA, Tenn. -- The sign is definitely unique and gets your attention.

Naked Jesus.

It's the title of Heartsong Church's new worship series.

"Naked Jesus came from the kind of concept of naked like bare down to the essentials nothing added on," said Pastor Steve Stone.

Pastor Stone plastered the slogan all over the church and posted banners out front too.

"The banner was about 4 foot by 6 foot. It was blue and had "Naked Jesus" on it. It just had the dates."

Stone thinks someone took the two words literally.

He said one man stood next to it Monday afternoon outraged and fuming.

"The next thing I know he ripped it off and ripped off the other side," said Pastor Stone.

He said he couldn't believe it as he watched the guy throw the signs into his truck with a tractor trailer attached.

He tried following him while calling detectives, but the man got away with the signs.

Together they cost $250 to replace.

The Islamic Center across the street offered to pay, but the sign company refused to charge the church when it heard what happened.

"We didn't think anybody would think about literally naked Jesus. We thought people would call about it, ask about it or just show up and see what we were talking about," said Pastor Stone.

He told WREG he doesn't want to press charges against the man.

Instead, he would rather buy him lunch and explain the message behind the sign.

The new banners should be up on Wednesday.