Whoops! Wal-Mart pulls T-shirt that mixed up Massachusetts and Maryland, issues apology

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MASSACHUSETTS -- Well, maybe they got confused because the state names share the first two letters. Wal-Mart has pulled a T-shirt that showed the outline of Massachusetts with logo and nickname for University of Maryland, according to the Washington Post. 

It was first pointed out last summer by a shopper who was not geographically challenged.

Last week another customer pointed out the problem and included helpful maps.

But Wal-Mart stayed the course. Or may have just confused what part of I-95 they were driving on.

Monday, Wal-Mart owned up to its Map-gate.


“We are working with Russell Athletic to determine how this happened and in the meantime are removing the shirt from our stores," the company told the Post. “We understand the pride Marylanders feel for the Terps, and apologize for the mistake.”

The University of Massachusetts Minutemen can stand down now.