Customers worry after brazen convenience store robberies

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- WREG is working to learn the identities of the two people arrested after a lengthy and bold crime spree in the Cordova area.

WREG tracked down six gas stations that said they were victims of armed robberies and another that said a man attempted to rob them but was unsuccessful.

The two suspects were caught after a police chase in the Old Dexter Road area early Wednesday morning.

A police officer was injured in the pursuit but is expected to be okay.

WREG was told the FBI is part of the investigation because there's a potential other states could be involved.

At this time, they have not released the identities of the suspects or why the businesses were robbed.

The brazen robberies started around 2 a.m. and were minutes apart.

"I come here every day, every morning. I come here, I buy me a cup of coffee, and I shoot to work," said Michael Smith who works next to one of the Circle K's that was robbed on Germantown Parkway.

He got the news it was hit from a friend, but quickly learned it wasn't the only store in the area.

"He came to this store; it was closed down. Went across the street; it was closed down. Went up the street; it was closed down He didn't know what was going on," explained Smith.

The thieves were not shy in their intentions.

One of the gas stations they robbed, a Kroger Quickstop on Germantown Parkway, is across the street from a Circle K that was also targeted for cash.

"I'm shocked, it's pretty audacious isn't it?" questioned customer Joan Goree.

People WREG talked to were surprised by the robberies and even more in awe when they learned how many fell victim.

"It's just stunning to me. I can't imagine how bold they were," said Joy Ross as she pumped her gas.

No one was injured in the robberies, but Smith still questions why they happened in the first place.

"It just makes me wonder what's the world coming to? You know what I mean?" he asked.

Customers said the robberies were a good reminder to be aware of your surroundings when going to gas stations at odd hours.

"I think like anything else when I'm out by myself I'm especially observant. If I pull into a gas station and I look around, and it's not a comfortable setting, I don't stop," explained a Circle K customer.

Ross also had advice.

"I always try to be more watchful of what I do like when I get gas. I always put my purse in the backseat or somewhere where I can see it so nobody can get it from the backseat," she said.