K9 used to nab burglar hiding in a closet

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- An accused serial burglar is locked up after police say he admitted to trying to steal jewelry from a home in Berclair.

Police say 28-year-old John Asua admitted to the crime, but police believe he could be linked to more cases.

Officers said when they tried to arrest Asua, he hid in the victim's closet, but a police K9 finally got him out.

After interviewing him, police believe Asua is responsible for at least seven other burglaries that happened in the same area.

"That's really scary," Ali Hill said when she heard the news.

Hill lives around the corner from where the attempted burglary happened on High Point Terrace.

Police said a neighbor called 911 Friday after claiming he saw Asua trying to break into the home.

Officers showed up and saw the side door to the house kicked in, so they then surrounded the place.

Police said Asua tried to run, but when he realized the house was surrounded, he went back inside and tried to hide in a closet.

That's when they sent a K9 in. The dog sniffed Asua out and found him hiding under some clothes.

"It makes me feel good that neighbors were looking out for each other, but also makes me think he wasn't super clever that people could see him doing what he was doing," Hill said.

Police said Asua ransacked several rooms in the home and snatched several hundred dollars worth of jewelry.

For Hill, who is a mother and frequent runner in the neighborhood, this case is a lesson to be extra cautious in the future.

"I'm gonna set my alarm every time I leave the house. I always lock the door but I don't always set the alarm, now I'm going to set the alarm," she said.

Asua's bail has been set at $30,000.