Neighbors react to a number of break-ins

HICKORY HILL, Tenn. — A man responsible for breaking into several apartments is now behind bars. Police say the man broke into several apartments in a matter of months.

Investigators say the break-ins happened between April and August at Bella Vista Apartment Homes in Hickory Hill.

Just about everyone WREG spoke with had heard about the break-ins. Some even witnessed someone trying to break into several apartments. That’s when they called police.

“We constantly hearing it, people going around breaking in people’s apartments,” said Andre Sloan.

Police say someone broke into apartments four times and took TVs, a laptop, a DVD player and several other items.

Marcus Gwynn is familiar with this kind of crime in the apartment complex.

“I actually caught a guy breaking in one. I reported it to security,” said Gwynn.

Police arrested and charged Lanatyll Jones for breaking into the Bella Vista apartments. A police report states Jones admitted to the break-ins.

“It’s frustrating because you shouldn’t have to come home to find out your place has been broken in like my neighbor. Her place was broken in, they took her TV,” Sloan said.

Sloan says he can tell someone tried to break into his apartment when he was out of town. Someone tampered with his door, but the criminal didn’t have much luck getting inside.

“This door it was already closed now I have to open it halfway just to lock it and that’s how I knew because the first time they did it I had it fixed and they did it again,” he said.

Neighbors say the crime there leaves them with no other choice but to move somewhere else.

Police want to remind you to report crime and keep your doors locked.


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