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Tennessee state troopers upping patrols for holiday weekend

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- More drivers will be on the road for the holiday weekend, and with that comes more patrols.

The Tennessee State Highway Patrol will be looking for people driving drunk or distracted.

Their goal is to have no fatalities, and troopers hope legislation called No Refusal will help them achieve it.

But not every county will be enforcing No Refusal this weekend.

Sgt. Chris Richardson with highway patrol said, "Under No Refusal weekends, the judges can order a blood draw through a search warrant."

Richardson knows the deadly impact of drunk driving all too well.

"People don't mean to be selfish, but they are," he said. "They're not thinking about potentially what they could cause to someone else."

Unfortunately, he said holiday weekends sometimes lead more people to make that bad choice.

"Any time there's a holiday weekend people are more apt to drink and drive or be under the influence of any other illicit drug," he said.

This weekend, the No Refusal legislation will be enforced in several counties, including Shelby.

It will not be enforced in Davidson and Knox counties, including Nashville and Knoxville. But Richardson said it is not because they are getting a free pass.

"Typically, we'll look at statistics, and that's where we will set up for that weekend," he said. "For the most part, we have a lot of counties that have already done it so far within the year."

Richardson said if you do plan on having a few drinks this weekend, just make sure you have got someone you can call as a designated driver.

Enforcement will start Friday at midnight go through Monday night.

Troopers will also be watching for distracted driving and seat belt violations.


  • Lifelong Memphian

    Thank you. Where? That has to be announced, by law. The Sheriff’s site is not showing any roadblocks in Shelby County this weekend. Does MPD also plan roadblocks? Where?

  • King Willie

    They need to announce when they are being jack boots. This forced draw is some sick $%% and I don’t drink. It’s evil.

  • Anonymous

    I obey all traffic laws. I stop at stop signs (who does that besides me?), always signal turns and lane changes and use cruise control to prevent speeding. I do not drive in the HOV lanes when prohibited.

    I go out of my way to avoid contact with the police. They have the power to ruin or end your life on a whim with impunity.

    Do not consent to searches of your person or vehicle. Make them get a warrant. Invoke your right to remain silent. There is nothing you can say to a cop that will help you.

    • Anonymous

      If you’re going to call someone an idiot, you should be sure there are no grammatical errors in your post.

      Your username is fitting, in that like the police, they want to act like our daddy. Thinking that every utterance they make is a lawful order. They are not. The people are becoming more aware of the incredible abuse wrought by low IQ, power mad, sadistic individuals that have been given way too much power over us. A change is coming, and it is indeed you, and those that think like you that might be the ones that need to leave.

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