Elderly man caught stealing tires in Hickory Hill

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Firestone store in Hickory Hill experienced a case of one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Wednesday night, their used tire storage space was filled with 200 tires. But in the middle of the night, a thief came to take few off their hands.

Firestone staff say they didn't put a chain on the fence, but they suspect 76-year-old Willie Liggins cut it down.

Police arrested him just before midnight with a truck bed full of used tires taken from the Firestone store. Liggins was seen pulling up and loading up near the tire cage behind the shop.

A tire store owner down the road told WREG, "There's a big demand for used tires because new tires are so expensive for people living off budgets."

He didn't want to give us his name, but did tell us there's money in used tires, whether it's recycling them or reselling them.

He said, "Tire prices fluctuate like gas prices."

They're prices not everyone can afford. Some shops will buy used tires, but his isn't one of them. He says they see them as trash.

"I dump every day. I take my tires to recycling every day so I don't have that problem," he said.

But apparently Liggins had a different idea. He took off with more than $200 worth of used tires, possibly up to 75 of them.

They're tires another company pays Firestone to take off the property and cash in on, which means they could have lost money had police not been in the area.

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