Anthem closure still possible, instructors prepare to move on

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Anthem Career College said it's awaiting word from the Department of Education about possibly closing several more campuses.

One of those locations is in Memphis.

WREG spoke with an instructor at the college Thursday as he packed his things.

"We've always been told we're 'Team Memphis,' and we always carry on no matter what," he said.

WREG is not identifying him because he said he has job interviews soon.

The instructor recently purchased a house, but received word of the school's likely closure this week.

Representatives from other colleges visited with Anthem students Thursday to talk about the possibility of continuing their educations elsewhere.

Students told us they're unsure if their loans will be forgiven.

Student Tiara Bush also said she's unsure if other colleges have her exact program, and that her loans will only be forgiven if she continues her education with a school that signs a deal with Anthem.

Still, instructors told WREG that they don't have definite plans in place for themselves.

Anthem sent WREG a statement saying that the students are its priority, but it will have to close nine campuses, including Memphis, if a deal is not reached by Friday.

"We remain hopeful that we will be able to complete our proposed sale of an additional 14 schools to International Education Corporation (IEC) through our Chapter 11 process. Nine of these 14 schools will be closed if we do not receive Department of Education approval for the transaction by Friday, August 29th," an Anthem spokesperson said.

The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools oversees some Anthem locations and said it will evaluate any closures and how they are handled.

Several Anthem campuses have closed recently.

Many students at Memphis's Anthem location are studying for certificates in the medical field.


  • Rude Druid

    If you’re attending a for-profit college that advertises heavily, then you probably are not college material.

    These students wind up with crippling loans, which they cannot BK out of, the “college” pockets all the federal money, and the students don’t acquire any job skills. Only the owners of the for-profit “college” profit.

    For-profit institutions of learning should be outlawed. They are a scam that victimizes the taxpayers and the poor, befuddled students alike.

  • truth

    That stanky breath dude was not the DEAN. He was just a low level team lead that got turned downed for the job so many times that when the executive director quit on them, he was happy to let his lame butt take the fall. The teachers were so ratchet especially Ashley Stinson and fat page. The white chick Jackie walked around like she owned the school and the bursar was a meth adic. Admissions were all liars and stole all the furniture and computer equipment before leaving.

  • Harlan Greenstein

    Go figure…The Bryman School in Phoenix, Arizona screwed my friend…he graduated as a Medical Assistant (AS Degree)! in 2012 …hasn’t worked since..and his credits are no recognized!.

  • Harlan Greenstein

    The Bryman School in Phoenix, Arizona didn’t help any student or my firnd prepare for any “MA Certification”!.

    Several “medical offices” my friend as applied for as been denied employment since they won’t recognize ‘The Bryman School”!.

    My friend has been trying to get his loans expunged since he really didn’t get an education…or a career…JUST LIES and BS! …I guess what goes around comes around!

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