Teen charged with beating death of elderly man

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The family of a 78-year-old man who was beaten to death wants the teenager charged with his murder put to death.

Johnny Hurley was found beaten, but alive, last October in the 1100 block of South Barksdale. He died in March of his injuries.

Tuesday, police arrested 15-year-old Alzavious Turner, who is charged with first degree murder in the perpetration of a robbery.

Hurley's son, who is also named Johnny, said he couldn't believe it when police called him Tuesday morning and told him the person responsible for his dad's death is not even old enough to drive.

While he said he's sad for that young man's family, he wants justice for his own.

"The death penalty would be nice," he said. "My father lost his life. So...An eye for an eye."

Police said Turner, who was 14 at the time of the crime, beat Hurley and robbed him while he was walking home from the grocery last October.

Hurley was found on a basketball court, along with blood and a trail of blood on the walking path nearby. He was taken to the Regional Medical Center in critical condition, then sent to a care home where he later died.

"That's something you don't do," Hurley's son said. "Why jump on an elderly man, who just went to the store?"

Hurley died from those head injuries this March.

His son said everyone in the neighborhood knew his father, and everyone loved him.

"He loved people, and as long as I've been living, I never heard my daddy say anything bad about anybody," he said.

While he said getting the call from police about Turner's arrest Tuesday morning brought some closure, his family's fight for justice is far from over.

"Anything that you do, there are consequences behind them, behind you," he said. "And it's going to follow you the rest of your life."

Police have not said what led them to Turner.


  • Low Profile

    That boy just needs to be taken out of the human equation… as he’s obviously not. He doesn’t deserve the chance to ever reach the age of his victim. He is excrement.

  • Freedomwasawesome

    To bad there wasn’t one if those so called abusive cops around Then we could have saved the money on all the legal fees for this thug

    • palefacedevilchildernstink

      Evette, its apparant these barbarians are making fun of an old man losing his life to foolishness. Not one word of sympathy but they expect some from ethnic minorities. Notice how they said squat about the guy in Mississippi killing the baby and actually left comments defending that babrasim. All ethnic minorities better be on guard and stay in a state of readines . These animals cannot be trusted. The young man who allegedly did this crime is no better than the pale faced baboon who killed that baby. Never kill your own young men thats only doing the pale faces bidding. When the pale faces took coporal punishment and prayer out the schools and cut after school jobs and programs this is the resulT. In addtion, most mass shootings are done by whites

  • Non Biased

    This site has become a haven for both black and white racists who monitor the posts, hoping to see a story that can be twisted into a racial matter. The racists who blurt out their silly comments are just a much a problem to Memphis as the thugs and criminals they despise. There is no denying this community has a major problem with SOME members of the Black and White communities…but reading some of the comments on here is like listening to children argue.

  • MikeBarret

    Outrageous. Contagious. Those are adjectives, what adjective were they going for with Alzavious? What does it mean? Is he one who alzaves?

  • Doug

    From the other article about the kid that slapped the teacher, this one needs to be transferred, too. Straight to hell.

  • Kay

    a waste of space and air, this kid will never change, too bad he will be released when he gets to be an adult

    • donaknowsitall

      Keep on topic CHRIS. You always manage to twist things around to make these crimes committed by blacks sound trivial.
      This is a teenager that intentionally beat an old man who ended up dieing. What do you propose shouls happen to this kid?

  • Lynn

    Johnny Hurley was my uncle, he was the most kindest person alive and that you’d ever meet. You people putting up insensitive comments will know what it feels like to have someone in your family taken from you by the violence. Violence is is the world we live in now, but yet and still no-one wants their loved ones to be killed just because some takes it upon themselves to inflict harm on someone because they are bigger , stronger or younger. I wasn’t going to put a response on here, but I felt these words need to be said. For all of you that are perpetuating hate, racist and down right unkind words should go back to the basic values, (If you don’t have anything GOOD, don’t say ANYTHING at all). Peace to all the families that has experienced tragedies to their loved one and I wish no one should have to go through what my cousins has had to go through during and after these cruel turn of events. I wish the world would be rid of people that see fit to kill, but since we are all born into sin that is only a wish until Jesus takes his throne then only can the world be rid of the wicked and may the land be green fruitful and joyous. All of you making hateful remarks, What would people really say about you when you’re gone, do you know how people feel about you now, Make your mark by doing and being the best person you can be while you are alive so people want have to lie about your character when you’re gone

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