Barrage of bullets fired at home early Monday morning

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A husband, his wife, and their 21-year old son say they feel blessed to be alive. Police say someone shot into their home on Knob Drive about 40 times before 3 a.m. Monday.

WREG counted nearly 30 bullet holes outside of the home, and that's not including the ones in front of the house.

“Me and my wife was in the bed and just heard just gunshots and got up and just seen glass just splattering everywhere and realized that our house had been shot up,” Reginald Johnson said.

Johnson says he barely recognizes his home of 25 years. The inside looks worse than the outside. Bullet holes are in the kitchen, the living room, even the bedroom. Johnson pulled a bullet out of the microwave.

“We was laying down on in the bed and just heard the shots and we jumped up and we seen dust flying through the house and we realized that it was sheet rock flying everywhere and we got up and I just told her to get down,” Johnson said.

Johnson isn't sure why someone shot into his home. He knows things could've been worse for him, his wife and grown son who lives at home.

“I'm blessed because I had just about an hour earlier got up and got a Coke out the freezer and by the time I got back in the bed, that's when I heard all the shots, so we're blessed and fortunate to be alive,” Johnson said.

Johnson says he's thinking about moving to another neighborhood.

So far there are no arrests. No one was hurt.

Police say they're looking for three men, but don't have good descriptions.


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