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Crime forcing old family business out of neighborhood

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Crime in the Berclair neighborhood is forcing area business to take bold moves to stay safe.

Management at Cottage Restaurant on the corner of Summer Avenue and North Holmes Street, says the crime is pushing the family owned business out of the neighborhood. It’s been there since 1957.

“I don`t think she feels that safe with all the break-ins. Who would feel safe around here? You see all the crimes that are going on,” expressed cashier Brenda Franks. Her niece owns Cottage.

Just drive down the street and you`ll see Cottage isn`t alone. Other businesses are posting moving signs and packing up.

“There`s a lot more people ain`t working, there`s a lot more theft,” said Montesi’s store manager David Robbins.

Robbins says the neighborhood grocer is also taking drastic measures to stop being a victim.

“We just put in a $40,000 surveillance system,” said Robbins.

It`s a hefty price tag, but Robbins believes investing in the 50 camera system is better than losing out on $10,000 in thefts like they did last year.

Brenda’s called Cottage her second home for nearly 30 years. She’s excited for a fresh start for her family, even if it is just a mile and half down Summer Avenue.

“You’re going to have it wherever you go, but I think it`s just going to be a safer place,” said Brenda Franks.

A crime tracker shows there have been dozens of aggravated assaults, robberies and burglaries within a few blocks of the restaurant just this year.


  • browning

    its a shame & a sham, the city spends money on a “pr” stunt to mislead others to think the city as being something it is not (FRAUD) while yet another biz is moving on. failed govt, yet they want to charge more tax to deliver lower standards (failed schools) among other things. its getting like the movie escape from new york where only criminals exist all because they dont wanna do their job. this is getting like another missouri, rallying for the criminal & many want to take your means of protection (firearms) away. waiting on the city of memphis to do something will fill a graveyard while ac….aka another conn….tries yet another survey so he doesn not have to directly put his name on something he is in way over his head on……why not go back to public defending, at least you were some level of triumph …..putting scab criminals back on da streets. im sure you sleep well knowing you did yer job

  • DKS

    Diversity!……Coming to a neighborhood near you! How is that working for you. Trash your neighborhood, rob from the people that can provide jobs and then complain because there are no jobs.

  • Gonebabygone

    This is why so many people and businesses end up leaving all together. The Cottage chose to move a mere mile away where it is marginally safer than the place they have been for nearly sixty years! Businesses like this are what need to be protected and promoted here. Same with middle and upper middle class property owners. The city needs these far more than another rally or initiative or consortium to rehash the same tired concepts about crime. Those don’t seem to be working and have to cost tax dollars to implement.

    Maybe it is time to put up a defensive shield around the assets of the city instead of bogging down manpower when the liabilities take things out on each other.

  • Redblur63

    In reality, this location is not Berclair. It’s part of HIghland Heights. The Cottage is moving much closer to Berclair (which is between Perkins and White Station Road). The Highland Heights neighborhood was a wonderful place to grow up. People living there have historically been hard-working, neighborly types that knew one another and took pride in the area. Those days appear to be gone for good.

  • Diversity

    The way they treat black people when they go into their restaurant. They deserve whatever comes their way. I heard an older white lady tell a black guy one day if he wanted dine in or carry out and he said dine in but she said no I think you want carry out. So long. And then you have black owned establishments like A & R BBQ on Elvis Presley that makes white people wait 30 to 40 minutes for their order while they serve 20 other people with similar orders in the time you are waiting. So it goes both ways. P-h-u-c-k Memphis.

    • Uncle Willie

      I call bull$@#. The lady that owns that place treats all her customers well. Knows most of them by name. Always makes me feel welcome. It anything like this exchange took place (I seriously doubt it) it was a joke between the two.

  • Christine

    Businesses should receive the same type of protect as those on Beale Street. Also all us should do what we can to support small businesses. I stopped eating at those large chain restaurants because most of the time it is not made from scratch.

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