Crime forcing old family business out of neighborhood

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Crime in the Berclair neighborhood is forcing area business to take bold moves to stay safe.

Management at Cottage Restaurant on the corner of Summer Avenue and North Holmes Street, says the crime is pushing the family owned business out of the neighborhood. It’s been there since 1957.

“I don`t think she feels that safe with all the break-ins. Who would feel safe around here? You see all the crimes that are going on,” expressed cashier Brenda Franks. Her niece owns Cottage.

Just drive down the street and you`ll see Cottage isn`t alone. Other businesses are posting moving signs and packing up.

“There`s a lot more people ain`t working, there`s a lot more theft,” said Montesi’s store manager David Robbins.

Robbins says the neighborhood grocer is also taking drastic measures to stop being a victim.

“We just put in a $40,000 surveillance system,” said Robbins.

It`s a hefty price tag, but Robbins believes investing in the 50 camera system is better than losing out on $10,000 in thefts like they did last year.

Brenda’s called Cottage her second home for nearly 30 years. She’s excited for a fresh start for her family, even if it is just a mile and half down Summer Avenue.

“You’re going to have it wherever you go, but I think it`s just going to be a safer place,” said Brenda Franks.

A crime tracker shows there have been dozens of aggravated assaults, robberies and burglaries within a few blocks of the restaurant just this year.


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