Shelby County D.A. issues statement regarding State v. Noura Jackson case

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich issued a statement early Saturday afternoon regarding the State vs. Noura Jackson case.

Weirich states “because this is a pending case, I am limited in my ability to talk about details.”

“While I disagree with the Supreme Court’s ruling, I respect their decision and will prepare for a new trial.”

The State Supreme Court ruled Friday evening for Noura Jackson to get a new trial based on constitutional errors during the original trial.

Noura Jackson is accused of stabbing her mother Jennifer Jackson, at least 50 times in 2005.

The State Supreme Court said the lead prosecutor violated Jackson’s right to due process by not turning over a key witness’s statement to the defense.

Attorney general Weirich also said, “Our primary concern is continuing to speak with Jennifer Jackson’s family and getting justice for her and them.”


  • C Webb

    Jennifer Jackson’s siblings were concerned with the insurance policy they received, not with getting justice for their sister and niece. Greed overshadowed their responsibility to demand the truth. D.A. Weirich, you should be ashamed and there should be some type of repercussions for denying a citizen her Constitutional Rights.

    • Jennsfriend

      You know nothing about Jennifer’s family or Noura. Jennifer’s sisters have more money than they will ever be able to spend and didn’t want for anything except happy lives.

      • Matt 11

        Sorry, but I beg to differ. It was proposed that the insurance money be used to fund a private investigation to try to determine whose DNA (not Noura’s) was mixed with Jennifer’s blood, and they refused. I would have not been satisfied with not knowing….

  • Leeboy

    Why would the prosecutor withhold such a critical piece of evidence? Was this an act of incompetence or an effort to hide this information? The prosecution had to know this should have been provided to the defense.

    • Elaine Hardy

      In my state when a prosecutor withholds IMPORTANT EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE in a case – that prosecutor GOES TO JAIL. Why isn’t the prosecutor in THIS case going to jail?!? Apparently the prosecutor in THIS case never heard of William County Texas Prosecutor Ken Anderson – Kenny Boy went to JAIL when he withheld IMPORTANT EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE in the case of Michael Morton – and caused Michael Morton to spend 25 years in jail before being released due to Ken Anderson’s malicious and willful intent to railroad Michael Morton and Ken Anderson’s intention to win that case AT ALL COSTS – even the cost of putting an INNOCENT MAN IN PRISON, AND LETTING A GUILTY MAN GO FREE. Hopefully the aspects of this case aren’t lost on Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich. Hopefully the lead prosecutor will see the inside of a JAIL CELL where they belong.

  • Fabon Washington

    The Board of Professional. Responsibility I believe; is what the state has for reporting irresponsible and unprofessional attorneys, add Amy Weirich!

    This is just one of many and the sad part is we have her for four more years.

    The lesser of two evils, what a joke.

    • Rude Druid

      Make that EIGHT MORE YEARS of Amy.

      What we need to do is make this unethical prosecutor ineffective by turning defendants loose at every opportunity. She will be forced to resign by the powers that be. The remedy is in the hands of JURIES who should call her a liar and a shyster at every opportunity.

  • Rude Druid

    She should be punished AT LEAST as severely as her mentor, Tom Henderson, who did the same thing — hiding exculpatory evidence to the defense and lying to the judge about it.

    • Rude Druid

      Hiding exculpatory evidence FROM the defense and then lying to the judge about doing so.

      This is EXTREMELY unethical conduct by a prosecutor. Henderson taught Amy well.

  • Mechell Hicks

    She was too busy trying to find ways to secure her position as a D.A and a complete racist! Good job Weirch on letting a murderer free

    • donaknowsitall

      Noura wasn’t set free, a new trail was ordered. How do you know that (the DA) lied? What are you basing your comments on? Were you there? What do YOU know about it?

      There are bad kids/teens everywhere. Kids get pissed off at their parents and do very dumb things. Why is everyone surprised that this kid did what she did? She did it and she knows she did it, now she’s trying everything in her power to get out of it. Happenes every day in this country.

      • Mattie Heags

        This should be based on the ratio of people of color to caucasions and the number of police officers she slap on the risks for killing innocent families at traffic lights and sending officers to other states to get a fresh start at killing and patronizing new victims. The poles show that Memphis ranks number 3 in corruption and she did her part in making it happen.

    • Mattie Heags

      She just likes her fat pay check and making sure she has enough inmates in the system to keep it. Taxes will continue to rise as long as she keeps everybody stuck in the system who enters those doors. I wish our jobs could pay for free vacations to Florida each year like theirs do.

  • Rude Druid

    Amy was the lead prosecutor, and is responsible for this mess ENTIRELY.

    Our local media must be on a pretty tight leash not to be able to say that LOUD AND CLEAR.

    This conviction was overturned because of Amy Weirich’s UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR.

  • citizen

    Channel 3 News – Please publish a link to the Supreme Court’s Opinion so WE THE PEOPLE can see it. That would be a public service. Thank you.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    I guess we can correctly say that [we] elected the lesser of the two evils and not the “BEST” person for the job. Can we now just hope that she will do a better job in the future than she has in the past? One request, please stop closing down businesses for a couple of days just for a photo opportunity; kind of like the mayor on his blight program.

  • Rude Druid

    Grievances will be filed with the Board of Professional Responsibility (BPR) against Amy’s unethical conduct. The Bar in Memphis is pretty much outraged about this case, and want the BPR to take Amy to the woodshed bigtime.

    Memphis cannot afford prosecutors we cannot trust to follow the law themselves. We cannot afford corrupt prosecutors like Amy Weirich and Tom Henderson.

    Notice how neither of them has had anything to say about what they did. The local news media is not exactly banging the drums about this, either.

    But — grievances will be filed, and the BPR can’t ignore them.

    I would like to see the FBI investigate the Shelby County DA;s office for hiding evidence generally. It happens a lot.

  • Rude Druid

    And every potential juror should be aware that this DA’s office engages in this dishonest and unethical conduct.

    This has cast a shadow over EVERY prosecutor in the DA’s office.

  • lisa

    No matter what anyone says about the previous trial…….The girl was at walgreens at 3am the night of the murder, bleeding profusely from her hand, so much so that she had to ask for a paper towel……she killed her mother, period!! This whole thing is ridiculous.

    • Rude Druid

      So — as long as you’re happy with the verdict, you don’t care about the integrity of the process? You don’t care about keeping prosecutors honest. Gotcha.

      You’re in the wrong century and the wrong country.

    • Shelly

      The thing I can’t get past is if she cut herself so badly that she needed a paper towel to clean up the bleeding, why is none of her DNA at the crime scene? The DA said the reason they don’t believe she had bruises or cuts and didn’t leave DNA is because she was the attacker. But they also say that she was bleeding so badly that even after a drive to walgreens, the cut was still bleeding enough that she needed a paper towel to stop the bleeding — it was so bad that she needed the paper towel instead of just waiting to get to the car and use the supplies she’d just bought.

      They can’t have their cake and eat it too.

      Either she wasn’t injured and didn’t leave any blood evidence at the scene or in her car or she was injured and left blood. It can’t be that she was so profusely bleeding but left no blood evidence anywhere.

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