Durham Bus Services pushes to hire dozens of school bus drivers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Durham Bus Services held a job fair Saturday to help fill much needed spots in a bus driver shortage.

Durham Bus Services has to manage thousands of kids, hundreds of bus routes and seven school districts. It's a couple of weeks into the school year and trying to get everything worked out.

“I would say it’s stressful for everybody,” said regional manager Dave Brabender.

The bus company is trying to fill a major shortage gap of drivers, desperately searching for 75 drivers. Saturday, dozens of job seekers applied in person.

Brabender says he’s never seen a push like this anywhere in the country the thirty plus years he’s been in the business.

“We just want it to run smooth for folks. We can’t deal with the politics pieces of it. We want to do our part and make sure it’s as smooth as possible.

“Driving a bus and managing the kids on the bus, is a really hard task. If you can imagine, it’s kind of like teaching a class and driving through Memphis traffic all at the same time. It’s a big deal; our kid’s safety is paramount,” said Shelby County Commissioner Heidi Shafer.

Applicants not only filled out an application, but also took a safety screening test; some even went through their first interview.

“I’m pretty much halfway through the process,” said applicant Josh Dean.

“You can fill out applications all day long, until you look at someone in the eye; you aren’t going to get hired. I did get to do that today,” said applicant Greg Sporak.

That’s encouraging for both job seekers and Durham. The company hopes to have 75 drivers hired, trained and on routes within the next month.

Durham blames late and missed buses on the new school year not the shortage.

Brabender says the shortage has not stopped any routes. Right now, there are drivers in town from all over the country filling in until the new drivers are hired.

If you would like to apply for a position, just stop by the Durham location off Appling Road.


  • Christine

    Shelby County Schools made a terrible decision when they outsourced the school bus services. A lot of the bus drivers that were laid off by Shelby County did not apply with Durham. Some put in applications in with other businesses. The pay that Durham is offering is not worth jeopardize their safety. Do you know that if a teacher or bus driver get attacked and is injured they will not get workman’s comp. The kids these days do not respect any type of authority.

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