Mother of five dead, child critically injured after shooting

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman is dead and a child is critically injured after a shooting in the 1600 block of Patterson Friday afternoon.

Family members said Dominique Thomas was visiting her best friend when a group of men drove by and opened fire.

“I just started praying. I just said, ‘She’s going to be okay,'” said Katherine Sutton. “But then I saw her laying there, and that’s how I knew she is dead.”

Sutton fell into her husband’s arms when she heard the news from police.

Their daughter was murdered at just 27 years old.

Thomas had five children, ages ranging from 18 months to 12 years old.

“Just a kind person, you know, fun-loving person. Just trying to do the best she could do to take care of her kids,” said the victim’s father, Ricky Sutton.

“About nine shots in a row,” said a neighbor, who heard the gun shots several blocks away.

It happened as kids were getting home from school.

Many parents were frantically looking for their children, hoping it wasn’t them on the other side of the yellow tape.

“I know the children are out here. I am looking for my son, because he’s out here. I am just on edge,” said Shelia Carley, who lives nearby the scene.

Thomas’ kids were out of school, too.

Family members said some were in the home, and when they heard the shots, they took cover in closets and behind furniture.

“My grandson said he saw an arm,” said Ricky Sutton.

“She was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, and just got caught up,” said close friend Brenda Palmer.

Loved ones said whoever did this tore a family apart, and now five children will grow up without a mother.

The Suttons said they will take care of the children.

It’s what their daughter would have wanted.

The child who was shot was taken to Le Bonheur. Police said the child is expected to be OK.

Police are still looking for the suspects, who got away in a white four-door car.


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